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Welcome to Ethical Sales Pro. My name is Stuart Martin and I founded ESP to provide training and consultancy to businesses and professions who require solutions to questions such as:

  • How can we attract more clients to our business or organisation?
  • How can we increase our revenue without sales pressure or persuasion?
  • How can we gain buy-in from our staff and teams?

Why Ethical Sales Pro? At Ethical Sales Pro we believe in an alternative approach to the tradition of ‘sales talk’ and pressure. Your ideal clients are highly discerning people who acquire products and services from a Global marketplace. Consequently, we create strategies with authentic appeal, communicated in the correct place, that recognises and solves your client’s needs, leading them to transact business with you.

How we operate We begin by making your ideal client the centre of attention. We map their journey in relation to your business to create an effective sales pull strategy. We then translate your strategy into practical actions for your whole team, which inspire clients to transact business with you.

What we do We provide tailor made Consultancy and Training to businesses of all sizes to take them from their current position to their desired goals. This may be as a single project or a planned process of continuous improvement.

We design strategies to acquire and retain clients, so securing their loyalty and your enduring growth.

We provide training to equip your team with the skills and applications to build their self-belief and confidence. We enable them to engage clients throughout their journey, so creating a synergy between words and actions.

How to engage us We offer an initial consultation without fee or commitment to establish where we can add most value to your business.

When you use our services, we agree the scope of our engagement and outcomes that will build your success.

We review and evaluate projects along the journey to ensure you remain on course.

Shall we start a conversation today? - Phone, Email or Teams, the choice is yours.

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Consultancy for Sales and Growth

Consultancy for Sales and Growth

Do any of these situations sound like your business or organisation?

  • We have an established business, but it appears to have plateaued.
  • We would like to attract more of our ideal clients.
  • We have a plan for growth, but not sure where to start.
  • We operate in a competitive market and our margins are being squeezed.
  • We manage our enquiries, but feel we are missing opportunities.

If the answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of these situations, we have the insight and strategies to resolve the issue and propel you forward.

Training in Sales and People Skills

Training in Sales and People Skills

Does your business or team find itself in any of these situations?

  • We would like to grow our business without sounding too ‘salesy’.
  • We are a successful business and would like to take our sales to the next level.
  • Our team is not big enough to send people on training in sales.
  • We have a new manager who needs to get ‘buy-in’ from their team.
  • We are highly skilled technically but would like to be more confident with Clients.

If the answer is yes to any of these, we have the experience and knowledge to tailor an individual training plan to meet your circumstances and unlocks the full potential of your team.



Chartered Institute of Marketing


Institute of Leadership & Management

Core Values

Honesty & Integrity


30+ Years

Clive Wakely
John Ruddock
Dean Bowden
Dean Bowden
Jay Lee

Clive Wakely Dip Fd. M.B.I.E

A. J. Wakely & Sons

I have known Stuart for many years through many different avenues. I have found him honest, trustworthy, conscientious and a good friend. He would be invaluable to have in any given situation and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

John Ruddock

Stuart mentored me during 2020/21 which led to a change in my outlook and a very real and positive change to my business life.

Dean Bowden

Stuart has been a great support, coach and mentor to me. He has helped me explore, recognise and further develop skills I already had, allowing me to adapt and change my approach to different situations.

James King

Stuart is a perceptive and supportive coach; he makes clear he is bought into your success right from the start. Stuart's coaching helped me overcome stressful obstacles, and realise potential I wasn't aware I had.

Jay Lee

Pyramid Mentoring Ltd

Stuart has been able to successfully engage and support some of the most vulnerable young people in Somerset. He has found initiative and progressive ways to bring these young people to work towards outcome focus support which is the flagstone of our organisation.

Ben Grave - Commercial Director

Mark One Consultants

Stuart expertly crafted a targeted sales training agenda which catered for a range of different experience levels. Our team is now more confident in their abilities to sell with integrity, ensuring that every solution we offer is tailored to our clients' unique needs.